WELLNESS BY CARLI  is a comprehensive nutrition, health and wellness company. WBC delivers integrative health information through a personal, one-on-one clinical platform.  WBC works with every client to address chronic illness and systemic imbalance through customized programs based on their specific needs and goals. Please see below for our wellness offerings but do not hesitate to contact us for further information. 

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Clinical Consultations

Frustrated and not feeling well but don't know where to start? A one-on-one consultation is the best way to get on the path back to health and vitality. These sessions are entirely focused on you and your complete medical history in order to address the root causes of your symptoms so you can get back to feeling like yourself!

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Meal Planning + Weight Loss 

Not sure what to eat or can't seem to lose weight? Overwhelmed with where to start after trying everything? WBC is here to support you by answering dietary questions, providing meal plans, recipe suggestions, goal setting and ongoing accountability. Choose what kind of support YOU need to finally get results by eating real DELICIOUS food. 

Customized Events

We spend roughly a third of our lives working. Creating healthy habits and working in a health-supportive environment are important factors in supporting your wellness. WBC can help educate your company on the importance of eating real food for disease prevention and improved vitality to live your best life! Contact us for a free custom quote today!